Children of Mexico’s My Father’s House Express Gratitude

MFH Kids
Mexico’s Tulancingo-area My Father’s House, which opened in May 2004, provides a home for abandoned, needy, and less fortunate children. Opening with 27 youngsters, that number has since grown to 69 precious boys and girls.

The home, built and underwritten exclusively by Benny Hinn Ministries partners around the world, is led by Executive Directors Efrain and Eva Bracho.

Not only does My Father’s House offer an opportunity for precious children to grow up in a loving, nurturing, safe, beautiful environment, but also a great emphasis is placed on providing wholesome activities to grow them into strong, balanced, happy, productive men and women who reach the world for Jesus Christ.

The children of My Father’s House come from very difficult lifestyles. Most of them had been severely neglected by their own families, abandoned, and left without care. So many have horrible stories of molestation and abuse.

Says Director Eva Bracho:

“These children had no families. We have seen them come with big emptiness in their hearts when they first enter My Father’s House, but God is using Benny Hinn Ministries partners to touch these young lives. My Father’s House gives these children a new opportunity to start a new life, to have a family, and fill that emptiness. At My Father’s House they find nurture and come to love Jesus. They learn that Jesus can restore and heal the wounds from their past. Jesus Christ fills that empty space in their hearts. The children experience this. As a result, they enjoy worshiping Him every chance they get.”

All of the children and leaders send a big “Thank you, Benny Hinn Ministry partners!”

The seed you have planted into these young lives will be harvested in unimaginable ways, and your rewards for helping the boys and girls of My Father’s House will be eternal!


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