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An approximately 3 years old child was referred to My Father’s House- in July 2012. She did not have a name… She was known as “The Baby Girl” from the previous Orphanage. Deanna prayed for this baby girl’s name… after few days, she decided to name her Grace. We anxiously waited for her to arrive in our home. Even though we haven’t seen her, we already loved her.

The first time I saw Grace at the gate, I felt unexplainable joy… I was so happy because again, we received another special gift from God, being her. She just looked at all of us while we’re talking. She was very innocent and quiet. She had scabies on most of her body; hands, legs, toes. Her stomach was very big due to malnutrition. As I looked at her, my heart was broken. “How can a such a very young child experience these kind of struggles”. But I thanked God for rescuing her and for bringing her to My Father’s House. She is “chosen”. Here, by God’s grace and miracles, we can be assured that she will be in a safe and loving home. Now, after one week, we have seen great improvements. We now see her smile and hear her hum songs. The scabies is healing very fast and she is starting to have improved body posture. As a staff member, it is a great great joy to see children transform through God’s miracles and grace. Please help us pray for this new little child that has been entrusted by God to our ministry. Thank you Benny Hinn Ministries and Partners.

Grace - My Father’s House Phillipines

Susan is one of the former street children who has been inspired, empowered and transformed by My Father’s House. She came to our HOME on July 2009 after she ran away from her family and lived on the street.

At a young age, Susan experienced abuse from her family and even around the community where she lived but she did not allow all these struggles to continue. She remembered that she asked God to save and bring her to a place where she can be accepted, cared and loved. Though she was afraid, she decided to leave their home and stay on the street.

God is so faithful. He loves the children so much. They are very special to His eyes. One day, Susan was referred to MFH. Upon arrival, Susan recalled that she immediately felt the acceptance, care and love of the people in the center. In her mind, she was praising God. “Thank you Lord”, she said.

Susan was very eager to get to know God more each day. She did her best to learn how to read so that she can read the Bible. The staff saw her desire and transformation. She held on to God’s promises for her. She was very sure that God is preparing more wonderful things for her.

Susan’s greatest prayer was to have a new family that she can call her own; a family who will go with her to church; family who knows Jesus. Every morning, and even on her every meal prayer, she kept asking God for this. There were times she got “bored”, waiting, but she will tell herself that God is a big God and His promises are true.

Now….Susan is rejoicing because her prayers were answered! The “wait” is now officially over! Her FOREVER FAMILY will be coming on August 2012 to pick her up and bring her home. A Christian couple from the United States  who has also prayed for another younger child said that they feel so blessed to have Susan as part of their family. They are inspired on how Susan loves God and how big her trust is to Him. They are also very thankful to My Father’s House and Benny Hinn Ministries for caring and loving their daughter while God prepares everything for them to be together.

Susan admitted that she sometimes feels sad because she will miss her MFH Family. But she knows that God will comfort her and protect her MFH family. She is very sure that God will also provide a FAMILY to all her friends in MFH because GOD IS FAITHFUL!

Susan - My Father’s House Phillipines

Janelle arrived in My Father’s House in July 2009. She was very thin and shy. She was rescued along the streets of Manila, Philippines and then stayed in another orphanage for 1 month before she was referred to MFH. Seeing how Janelle ate her very first meal (lunch) at MFH was a real joy and at the same time heart breaking. It seemed that she has not eaten enough food for days and it broke our hearts. On the other hand, it was a great joy knowing that she was brought to our HOME and finally she will be able to eat well.

As the days past by, I realized that it was just not the “feeding of food” that MFH has given to Janelle but more so, the “feeding of God’s word” to her. She did not just need food, but needed Jesus, the Bread of Life. It was inspiring to see how this young girl developed a deeper relationship with God. She showed us a genuine yet strong FAITH in God at her young age. She prayed and believed that God was preparing a FOREVER FAMILY for her as she saw God’s faithfulness and miracles to her friends in MFH who got adopted. Janelle never ceased praying and believing. This young girl who we thought we would inspire, had inspired us. It is a blessing to see how our children at MFH trust God and believe that His promises are true. Recently, a loving Christian couple from the United States brought Janelle to her new HOME with them. Praise the Lord! Thank you for support and prayers Benny Hinn Ministries and Partners! God is faithful!

Janelle - My Father’s House Phillipines

We are three siblings, I am Juan and am nine years old. I have taken care of my siblings since I was much younger because my father would get drunk and hit us and my mother with a machete. He would say that we were not his children. He would go drink alcohol and spend money, which is why we did not have anything to eat. We were very poor and sometimes only ate rice and beans and our house was very old. One time that he came home drunk he threw my brother and hurt him badly. He did not take him to take care of his arm and it stayed crooked. He would make my sister lay down with him while my mother was not home and that is why I had to defend and take care of them. I had to go to work to bring food to my mother and brothers. When we came to My Father’s House, I was very surprised because it is a beautiful house and I like it very much because they teach us about God. I thank God and Pastor Benny and the people who support his ministry for all the blessings which they send and for giving me the opportunity to grow-up in this house.

Juan - My Father’s House Mexico

My name is Jose, and when I am big I want to be a soldier. I know that I will be able to do this, because now I am able to g to school everyday and I receive all that I need so that I can think that one day I will have a great future. Before coming to MFH I lived in a very poor house in a small town. My mother abandoned me when I was very little. She used to bathe me in the street puddles where the cars would pass through, and because she did not take good care of me I was taken t olive with my father. He would then get drunk and when he got home would begin to hit me with sticks and lock me into rooms by tying the door with wires so that I would not get out. He would leave me there until the next day , sometimes he would give me spoiled food and sometimes nothing at all. One day my dad told me that he did not have any more money to take care of me and he sent me with my grandmother, but there my uncles would hit me and hurt me. One day my life changed when they brought me to My Father’s House, which is where I like how they take care of me, here they don’t hit me and I am very thankful to God because he has given me a home and because now I know that He will always take care of  me. I am also thankful for Pastor Benny and his ministry, because I am thankful that they send us what is necessary so that we can have this house. The thing I like the most is that they teach me to learn and when I am big I am sure I will be a soldier, thanks to God for everything.

Jose - My Father’s House Mexico

My name is Annette and I am ten years old. I have two sisters and the three of us live at My Father’s House because my father would drink alcohol and use drugs. He would work in the street cleaning and we hardly ever saw my mother. They abandoned us at my grandmother’s house but she did not want to take care of us because many of my uncles and aunts with their children lived at her house. They treated us very bad, saying bad words to us. Some of the men in that home tried to touch us and that is why our aunts would mistreat us and hit us, blaming us for what those men tried to do. They hardly gave us anything to eat, only tacos with salt while the rest ate meat, while my sisters and I only watched. They would send us to work in the street and they would not send us to school, that is why I still don’t know how to read and write, but now I am at My Father’s House. I have a new family and I like to be happy and talk with my sister. They treat me good at this house. I thank God for my new family and thank Pastor Benny and his ministry. I want to tell them that I love them very much and thank you for taking care of my needs and my sisters’ and for taking care of us so that no one will harm us.

Annette - My Father’s House Mexico

Hello my name is Alma, I am nine years old and live in My Father’s House, but before coming here my sister Maria and I lived in a small town, in one room with my father. He would yell at us very ugly and drank a lot. Sometimes when he was mad at us he would say very ugly things to us and pull our hair. When my mother was pregnant, our house fell in because it was not stable and made of sheets of metal. When my brother was born, he and my mother passed away and my father dedicated himself to dinking alcohol, sometimes he would fall asleep on the curb of street and we would have to go looking for him to bring him home. We were so poor we did not have anywhere to take a bath and we did not have hot water. We hardly went to school because no adult would take care of us. There were days when my father would not come home and a neighbor would give us food or we would have to go help them wash clothes so they would give us food, or we would eat weeds or small snakes that we found in the field.

When we arrived at My Father’s House, I liked it because the gave us something toe at. I like to live here because they have trees and gardens, I have a room and my own bed. I like to have many sisters to talk and play with. They also taught me here how to pray and sing pretty songs to God. Everyday they give us food, they give us toys, they take us places where we have fun. I thank God because before I was sad and would cry at night because I did not like people to be mean to us. Now, in this house, I thank God for the new family He gave me, and I thank Pastor Benny and his ministry because now I live in a home where they take care of me and take me to school every day.

Alma - My Father’s House Mexico

Hello, I am Marcos, I am ten years old and I came to this house with my sister Lilia who is eight years old. I want to tell you that before I used to live very badly because my mother would treat me mean, she was always sad because my father had died of cancer at home.

We did not have any food, we did not have a table to eat at or a bed to sleep on. We would sleep on the floor without blankets or clothes to change into. My mother would say that she was going to work but days would pass without her returning. One time she gave me and my sister to a lady, but that lady hit me a lot and kicked me. One day we went selling things in the street and when we returned I went to hid under a bed because I was afraid and did not want to go back to her because she mistreated me every day.

Then they brought me to My Father’s House and here I live a completely different and new life. They gave me clothes and shoes, coats to cover me in the cold and they give me everything we need to live, I really like to live here.

I thank Pastor Benny and all the people who support us because they send us money for meals and all that we need. We eat breakfast, lunch and dinner here every day.

Marcos - My Father’s House Mexico

The director of My Father’s House, Deanna Collins, says, “Our precious Rosalinda is now a case manager for My Father’s House, serving the family who cared for, supported, and loved her. She has such a caring heart filled with love for the children. It has not been an easy journey for Rosalinda, but she is a remarkable success story because of her tenacity and the prayers and support of her Benny Hinn Ministries family.

Deanna Collins - Executive Director, My Father's House, Phillipines

My Father’s House offers an opportunity for children like Victor to grow up in a loving, nurturing, safe, blessed, beautiful environment. These young people are given an opportunity to start a new lifestyle, to have a family, and to have the emptiness filled with the love of Jesus Christ. At My Father’s House they find nurture. They learn that Jesus can restore and heal their wounds from the past and fill that empty space in their hearts. Because of the partners and ministry friends of Benny Hinn Ministries, these young people are growing into strong, balanced, happy, productive men and women who will make a difference and reach the world for Jesus Christ!

Efrain and Eva Bracho - Executive Directors, My Father's House, Mexico