Eight-year-old Victor…

mexico  10Eight-year-old Victor is very clear about his love for My Father’s House:

“I live here because God helped me to find happiness and no longer be abused. Before coming to this house, I lived with my mother, but she always left me alone all day long. My father hit me very much, and I didn’t like to be there. Later, my father left. I had no friends, I didn’t go out anywhere. All was very sad. Now here at My Father’s House, everything is different because Pastor Benny gave me the opportunity to be here, to go to school, and to learn something new every day. I eat well and nobody hits me. I’m thankful because God loves me, and especially because I have a clean and happy heart.”

Executive directors of My Father’s House in Mexico, Efrain and Eva Bracho say,

“My Father’s House offers an opportunity for children like Victor to grow up in a loving, nurturing, safe, blessed, beautiful environment. These young people are given an opportunity to start a new lifestyle, to have a family, and to have the emptiness filled with the love of Jesus Christ. At My Father’s House they find nurture. They learn that Jesus can restore and heal their wounds from the past and fill that empty space in their hearts. Because of the partners and ministry friends of Benny Hinn Ministries, these young people are growing into strong, balanced, happy, productive men and women who will make a difference and reach the world for Jesus Christ!”





  • sonypaul.

    praise the lord plz continuie it for glory of jesus sake..

  • sonypaul.

    praise to be the most high GOD jesus christ and the pastor .benny hinn..FOR his world wide GODS ministery..thanks a lot for him to taking care of hope less children
    let the lord must bless him with long life ..i m too a orphan.but the lord lift me up..on
    his way.there r so many children..are there .so humbly request to remain them in ur personal prayer ,i pray every day..let the lord must help him to take care more children for his ministery..sake..

  • Leeann Barnwell

    Thank you Lord for sending your son Pastor Benny, to help children like Victor. My heart gets heavy when i hear of stories such as Victors an Rosalinda, i to have children and i plead the precious blood of Jesus over them daily. Thank you Lord for helping these children.

  • Julie

    Thank You Father God for Jesus our Savior and the free gift of eternal life in Paradise. Thank You for leading people like Benny Hinn and this ministry team and helping them touch lives and make lives better. God we praise You for the gift of Your eternal love, that touches our hearts and helps us love others. God bless Victor now and for all eternity with Christ Jesus our Savior and Redeemer. Praise God. Bless Benny Hinn and his ministry team and bless their work and keep them safe. Amen. Amen. <3


    My prayer today is that God shall help me be the channel through which children will find joy.As i read this boy`s comment,i feel the weight of something that children feel every time something wrong happens to them

  • Bill Varner

    We are praying for you and your family and friends, Victor. God Bless you and Pastor Benny and everyone who is involved in this mission work.

  • Mr. Patrick

    It’s always sad to here that a child is being abused. This is so up lifting! These abused and abandoned children now have a positive place to go. Great job Pastor Benny!

  • J.

    I think it is amazing the way Benny Hinn Ministries supports children around the world by giving them a home and teaching the gospel.

  • Susie

    What a wonderful story about Victor! God bless the ministry and staff for the wonderful things they are doing for the children of My Father House!

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