Impacting the Next Generation for Jesus Christ

Benny Hinn Ministries partners and friends have been truly making a difference worldwide in the lives of men, women, and children for nearly 38 years! Today, this ministry continues to reach out to thousands of children each day through hospital care, housing, food, clothing, medical supplies, and educational materials. Impacting the next generation for Christ begins with these children today. You can help give them the promise of hope for the future. Every seed you plant helps me keep our promises to precious children like Rosalinda, Victor, and Rajani, as well as countless souls in the Philippines, Mexico, India, and beyond who desperately need to know God´s saving and nurturing love. Today, prayerfully consider planting your most generous seed into the fertile soil of this ministry that reaches around the world.

You Can Make A Difference

I’m asking you to be faithful in your gifts, not only to the children, orphaned and homeless, who would give anything to have a safe place to live, but also to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus of Christ to people of all ages and cultures who are desperate for a relationship with God. As a way of thanking you for your support of the
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Promises Kept, Promises Shared

Sometimes in the business of spreading the Gospel, I forget to tell you, my faithful partner, the amazing work that you are doing through this ministry for children in the Philippines, Mexico, and many other places. While I know our Lord Jesus will reward you Himself for your faithfulness in giving to these treasured little ones as you support this ministry, I also know
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Rosalinda Dominguez

Rosalinda Dominguez is one of many heartwarming success stories at My Father’s House in the Philippines. She held tightly onto Pastor Benny Hinn’s promise for two years as My Father’s House children’s home in Manila was built. Today, she is a college graduate from Centro Escolar University, one of the Philippine’s most prestigious colleges, and works full time as a certified social worker and
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